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In its early days, the express industry was synonymous with on-board couriers, carrying documents on commercial flights. Business users, who were quick to appreciate and exploit these innovative services, saw express delivery exclusively as an air operation. The industry has since changed dramatically. That initial focus on documents has widened into the transport of packages and freight, carried by fleets of fully owned or dedicated aircraft, trucks, trains and delivery vans. The bulk of our business is dominated by 24-hour guaranteed and next-day deliveries. Overnight air services, while an essential link in the delivery chain, are now closely coordinated with road and rail movements, in integrated, precisely timed, door-to-door operations. Every day, thousands of employees serve the distribution needs of an increasing number of businesses within India and the rest of the world. Express Industry in India has come a long way from its inception. Express industry is a key driver of state of the art communication and information technology. Our members have invested substantially in technology to give their customers cutting edge services.


  To take necessary steps for promoting any action affecting Express Industry
      and to take the initiative to secure the welfare of Express Industry in all respects.

  To maintain high ethical standards within the Industry
      and secure organized action on all subjects relating to Express Industry.

  To organize and promote a course of action for Express Industry
      and to promote the business of Express Industry.

Some Key Facts on Express Industry in India

Employs over 1 million people

Contributes over Rs. 6 Billion in federal taxes

A Rs. 90 Billion industry

Growing at over 25% yearly

Over 1 Billion shipments carried yearly

EICI – A Step Ahead for Better Express Service

EICI Primarily aims to protect and promote the common interests of Express Industry and its members.

EICI also plays a vital role of interacting with the Government, the Customs and other Government Agencies.

EICI has been successful in clearing major bottlenecks and delays caused to Express Industry.

The involvement of EICI has facilitated Express Industry to affect faster clearances and import greater volumes.

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